Kenwood Earpieces: Do you Believe?

My Girlfriend and I recently started watching ‘The X-Files’ in the evenings.

It all started when my friend Kieran practically begged me to borrow his series 1 box set. He went on and on about it until I eventually acquiesced. When I was little, I was somewhat impressionable and easily upset by TV, so I only saw a handful of first-run X-Files episodes. I remember one where a guy had to eat people’s brains in order to survive, another that featured Golden Age Hollywood ghosts haunting an old film set and a bizarre black and white episode about a deformed character who was in love with Cher.  Continue reading Kenwood Earpieces: Do you Believe?

What are the best ways to enhance your hearing

In recent times, when I was at my younger brother’s birthday party, my Dad made a reference to having tinnitus (basically a low-level ringing within the ears) and I told him that I had made a joke about tinnitus in a recent post (for those concerned, the funny story was that it made things sound ‘a bit tinny’ – Not amongst my better japes, I confess, but whatever…). He looked at me like I had just farted in church while I quickly changed the topic. Continue reading What are the best ways to enhance your hearing

Icom Launch New Training Aids for VHF/SRC Radio Instructors

Editorial – Many People would not know a lot about DSC tech, but it’s a safety system built into two way radios, primarily in marine and sea communications, as of the increase in use of smaller and personal boats on the water. As a island this tech is getting ever more well-liked, the technology is linked to your boat in case of an emergency, more information can be found from this icom uk article..

DSC technology is becoming more widely used today and it is important for potential users to see how it works and to be trained in its use. To this end, Icom UK have now added their latest range of VHF/DSC radios to their VHF/SRC training simulator range. The models now available for instructors to purchase include the IC-M423 Fixed Mount VHF/DSC Transceiver and for the first time from Icom, a Handheld VHF/DSC in the form of the IC-M91D. Both training simulators provide a real ‘hands on’ experience of both voice and DSC message sending and receiving, in the classroom without causing interference. Both models share a new easy to use interface which is easy to learn, meaning that trainees will be able to understand the basics of two way radio quickly. Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd, said, ’When choosing the Icom IC-M423 VHF/SRC training simulator, the instructor will receive two fully modified radios that will communicate via the cabling so that it is unlikely to cause any interference to other users nearby . This enables the trainee to send ‘live’ distress and voice calls without alerting any other radios. Both units come with an interconnecting cable up to 20 metres in length, which is ideal for any training environment. The IC-M91D is supplied with an adapter and a cable to allow it to communicate with the fixed sets.’ To help trainees further understand the need for DSC, Icom has a new microsite dedicated to Handheld DSC radio. The new website sheds light on this relatively new marine technology. It explains what DSC Handheld VHF radios are, where they can be used and why boat owners need one. It also answers several questions about the ownership and registration of DSC handheld radio in an informative FAQ section. To go to this new site, click on The microsite will provide a handy resource for both instructors and students alike. Ian, said, ‘Customer reaction has been incredibly positive to our recently launched IC-M91D Buoyant VHF/DSC Handheld with GPS. However we have had lots of questions regarding where and how they can be used. So we decided to put all our information on an informative microsite.’ Icom Marketing:



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What are the most effective headsets for DJ’s?

DJ culture has grown within the UK in an enormous manner. Where once, skinny, spotty guys in ill-fitting leather jackets would attempt to impress ladies by shouting “I’m from a rock band”, now those self same, faintly less spotty, guys, (now clad in ill-fitting hoodies), try the “I’m a DJ” line…Likely of the similar deficit of achievement. But, for every lame duck wannabe which has a turntable plus a depressing pile of dog-eared 90’s Ibiza records, there are many folks who can in fact do wonderful things using a turntable. The era of the DJ is well and justly here! Continue reading What are the most effective headsets for DJ’s?

A bone conducting earpiece, what makes it unique to other earpieces

Music is a large part of daily life and it may be for almost as long as Humans have been on this planet. I often point to a discovery of the 40,000-year-old flute dating back to that ice age as evidence for this, but in fact, all the evidence you need is all around you, each day. We recall ballads and songs long after the people who 1st composed them have died and rotted away (a thought which I find curiously comforting) plus the music industry, love it or hate it, is actually a huge business. Continue reading A bone conducting earpiece, what makes it unique to other earpieces

Marlins back in action!

Shanghai Marlins FC finally kicked off their 2023/14 SPL campaign with a tough looking fixture against Japan. With the core of last season’s squad still with the club, the squad had a familiar look to it, bolstered by a few new additions. New signings Will Doar, Hamish Richie and Michael Yang were on the bench, along with Shanghai Shooters supremo Roland “Zippy” Broughton. As the massive (in numbers) Japanese squad ran through their impressive warm up routine, the Marlins concentrated on staying cool in the 30+ degree heat.

As expected the Japanese started at a fast pace, playing a high line and pressing Marlins every time they had possession. With both teams packing the midfield, chances were few and far between, the best falling to Croatian striker Fedja Selimovic who narrowly missed the target after a fine backheel layoff from Pete Rosselli. There were also some good interchanges of play between captain Jon Banks and footballing trickster Mike “McGoo” McGirr, with Gui LeClerq going close at the end of one slick move.

Marlins suffered a setback around the half hour mark when they lost winger Jonny Dicken to a hamstring injury, giving new boy Hamish the chance to make his debut. Centre back Lee McCluckie then picked up the game’s only yellow card, as the Japanese changed almost their entire team and pushed for the opening goal. Marlins defended comfortably however, and retreated to the shade of the clubhouse at half time reasonably pleased with their first half performance. Half time 0-0.

The start of the second half saw American holding midfielder Will Doar make his debut in place of Captain Banks,  and as the heat and pace of the game took it’s toll, Marlins manger Steve Fishwick rotated the squad to try and find the breakthrough goal. Youngsters Alex Hull and Luke Jones brought much needed fresh legs to the midfield, and jet lagged full back Tom Housden was replaced by Marlins stalwart Dan Griffiths. Upfront, the experience and footballing brain of Broughton were starting to create some half chances, whilst at the back keeper Dale Johnson had a couple of anxious moments dealing with the Japanese long ball game.

It was starting to look as if the game would finish goal-less, when an inspired double substitution gave Marlins the lead. Within seconds of being reintroduced into the game, Selimovic and McCluckie combined for the opening goal. Awarded a free kick on the left, Fedja’s inch-perfect delivery was met by a towering header from McCluckie which flew into the Japanese net. 1-0 Marlins, and scenes of wild excitement and bizarre  goal celebrations ensued.

Faced with defending their hard won lead, Marlins initially kept the Japanese penned back in their own half, with Hull going close direct from a corner. Japan then brought on another set of fresh players, and with Marlins pressed deeper and deeper, Fishwick reintroduced Banks to shore up the tiring midfield. It looked as if Marlins would hold on to take all 3 points, but with 5 minutes left Japan found their equalizer. A great run from their attacking midfielder looked a certain goal until left back Dave Watson intercepted with a fantastic last-ditch challenge. Unfortunately the ball broke free to another Japan striker who slotted home to give them a share of the points.

With no further chances the game finished 1-1. Overall a fair result against a team who will be very difficult to beat this season. Good defensive performances for Marlins from Adam Christy and Simon Moore, and a mention for the referee who controlled the game well. We now have a 3 week break until the league resumes, hopefully with some cooler weather.

Record breaking Solar Craft Finishes US Trip

The Solar Impulse airplane has landed at New York’s JFK airport, having completed its remarkable trip over the US. This is the first time a solar-powered plane able to flying in both day and night has tried to fly across the United States.

 The landing completes the final leg of that Solar Impulse’s across United states transcontinental bid, which began in May.

Earlier in its trip, the Solar Impulse airplane broke the flying record for solar-powered travel by staying within the air for the full 18 hrs. Continue reading Record breaking Solar Craft Finishes US Trip

Using lone worker function on a walkie talkie

In accordance with the ‘Health and Safety at Work’ act of ’74, every British-based employer is lawfully obliged to look out for their employees and not expose them to undue risks. 

This is a good and noble law and one that has doubtless saved many lives since it was first approved roughly 40 years ago. This rule has also led to a growth of the many new technologies geared toward keeping employees safe…One tool that is completely crucial to a lone worker is their walkie talkie.  Continue reading Using lone worker function on a walkie talkie

The Best Motorola dp3400 earpiece

Last time we mentioned that James Bond might use the earpiece we’re about to describe if he were helping a mate to guard a nightclub. We realize that it’s a bizarre situation to find yourself in, but its probably happened a couple of times in some early Ian Fleming drafts…(Editor’s Note: Wow. That’s quite a tangent. Well done).

The DP3400 earpiece looks good, works well and doesn’t cost a lot of money. You really can’t fault it on its merits.

The DP3400 earpiece features an HQ PTT earpiece that provides incredible clarity and depth of sound. Any instruction, even if a laryngitis-stricken Muttley delivers it to you from a library somewhere, will be clear, clean and crisp to the ear.

But that’s not all, not by a long shot. The transparent tube is almost invisible, designed specifically for secrecy and discretion; it even comes with an extra earbud.

It even has (and we swear we’re not making this up) a hidden micro-speaker located at the base of the centre of the PTT switch.

Earpieceonline lists this product at £27.50, but that strikes us a genuine bargain. This earpiece is covert, brilliantly made and extremely high quality. It is also durable and hard wearing. Of most of the devices we have looked at to date, this DP3400 earpiece is unquestionably the coolest looking. By way of performance, it’s also the best one we have seen so far.

The DP3400 earpiece is compatible with LOADS of Motorola (and Motorola TRBO radios) including (but by no means limited to): DP, DGP, XPR and XiR Series. XiR-P8200, XiR-P8208, XiR-P8260, XiR-P8268, XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6500, XPR6550, DGP-4150, DGPTM 4150+, DGPTM 6150, DGPTM 6150+, DP-3400, DP-3401, DP-3600 and DP-3601.

Overall, this is a fine device. The DP3400 is an excellent earpiece, available at a pretty competitive price, with a cool, functional design and a lot going for it. No, this isn’t the same model that the CIA use when guarding Mr. Obama, but it isn’t a hundred million miles removed, either. This earpiece will do a good job, whilst at the same time not breaking the bank.

Next episode, we will bid you a tearful goodbye as we embark on the last in our series of two-way radio earpieces. We’ll be looking at the most expensive item on this list and making some more dumb jokes, stick around.

If you use motorola radios in your work, then you need to read this

Previously, we looked at an earpiece purposely created to use on the Motorola multi pin two way radio ranges. This time, we will be checking out the Cp040 2-pin earpiece, an affordable and adaptable little doohickey that is amazingly exciting, but additionally does very little to damage your deposit account.

The Cp040 2-pin earpiece is a lot like the Motorola gp300 earpiece. It is small, smart and cheap, however it also represents pretty good value for money. EarpieceOnline lists this earpiece for about £11.50, but it’s a reasonably good buy for the price.

We’ll be direct, everything is pretty essential on that model, however the device performs its function well and certainly won’t let anybody down.

The noise quality of this CP040 earpiece is very good indeed and also the PTT ‘push to talk’ utility is well-located and simple to use. As usual, the Motorola cp040 earpiece features a sprung clothing clip that attaches easily to most items of outfits (you may find it a problem if you’re planning on using it while dressed as a giant Sumo combatant and competing on ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, but besides that…).

As on the motorola gp300 series, as it only includes a 2-pin plug, an adaptor block will be necessary to be used with the Motorola gp320 and Motorola gp340 series of radios.

The ergonomic D-shaped earpiece alone is comfortable to wear and typically discreet. It can be easily utilised in either the left or right ear, depending on your own liking. The Motorola cp040 earpiece fits most ear dimensions, so if you happen to be Prince Charles or Martin Clunes (Editor’s Note: or my Uncle Alan), you should not have many comfort problems, if any.

There’s no Kevlar cable on this one, yet but it positively isn’t the best model around. However, this is not to put that the CP040 is a substandard earpiece, not at all. It just is not the greatest.

In general, the Cp040 2-pin earpiece is functional, rather than flamboyant. It does its job with no frills (but additionally no temper tantrums). This is a fine, dependable product from a business that excels at making such earpieces. It also provides great value for money, too.

Next episode: We’ve checked out some of the mid level models on offer, now its time to find what else is about. We’re talking James Bond stuff! (Well, y’know, But if you want to understand more about this earpieces see

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