4G tech redefining railway comms

Update – The rest of the world has used 4G for a while at this moment, inside the UK we’re just starting to feel the benefits, commonly centred about larger towns and cities at the moment,  but we are seeing an increase in this technology, with loads of the newest smart phones capable of use the super swift comms. The Chinese team Huawei have tested with 4G for High Speed Railway Communications, aided by the view to using this in the long run, read the complete article post below.. Continue reading 4G tech redefining railway comms

How to get rid of the static signal in your walkie talkie?

In actual fact, radio static during a call on is an indication the signal power is degrading (or that there’s no sound coming through whatsoever). When signal strength degrades sufficiently, the static noise emerges. 

When there is no communication coming through, it’s a slightly different story. A two way radio has what’s renowned as a ‘squelch’ control circuit that maintains tabs on the signal power. The squelch circuit will mute the speaker as soon as it realizes that there is no signal coming through in the radio. This is, basically, the identical function as your TV has as soon as it cuts off an unavailable network after a set time. Though, within the moments before your walkie talkie ‘squelches’ the sound, you will hear static, or ‘white noise’ as it’s also known as.  Continue reading How to get rid of the static signal in your walkie talkie?

What’s the best method to preserve my headphones for a longer time

Hi and welcome to the innovative new series of assistance to your headphone inquiries. Ever wanted to find out about something headset, earphone or receiver linked? Now’s your chance. Due to the great amount of inquiries we are so regularly asked, we have dipped into our mailbox and chosen the nine most significant (and most often submitted) questions. Enjoy.

Oh, by the way, in case your query isn’t here, then just dispatch us an email and check back in a few… you may find it featured in the next series. Thanks. Continue reading What’s the best method to preserve my headphones for a longer time

Custom moulded headphones built by logitech

Update – All 2 way radio end users would love their earpiece to be moulded to their ear, perfect sound, perfectly fixed to your ear. This comes at a price and is often saved for musicians and celebs. This informative article previews a US service for moulded earplugs to fit two way radio earpieces, noise cancelling earphones or audio feeds. If you are interested in custom ear moulds there are plenty of organisations on the market, that can make a mould of the ear and return it back to fit on to the radio that you need it for. Continue reading Custom moulded headphones built by logitech

Motorola CP040 radio review

We at this site spend a lot of time reviewing the best and most well designed radios on offer today. Some of these products are specially made for specific functions and can fetch intimidating prices for smaller companies that nonetheless are eager to compete. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a quick look at one of Motorola’s cheaper models and see how it compares with the big boys.


With a utilitarian, somewhat pedestrian design, the Motorola CP040 is a million miles removed from the sleek, sexy contours of the MotoTRBO SL4000, or even the rugged, hardwearing face of the Motorola DP3400. The design is perfunctory, modest and unambitious, but looks can be deceiving.

A sturdy, capable model, this is a great choice for warehousing and agriculture (as pointed out on the Motorola site).

It only makes use of four channels, but is incredibly easy to use as a result, very much a ‘press and play’ radio. It also keeps contact over a surprisingly large range.

19 hours of battery life shows good durability (when in battery saving ‘low’ mode, anyway), while the ability to switch between broadcasting to multiple users or a single one is a very welcome function indeed.

Although clearly designed as a budget model, the CP040 has a lot of functions that we have come to expect from far-more pricey radios.


Believe it or not (and we even had to read it twice!), the CP040 is available at less than £100. OK, at £99 it’s not a lot less, but it still beats the better models by half (and then some). Indeed, there is a feeling that Motorola could actually charge a little bit more for this device and easily get away with it.


Making great use of Motorola’s much-vaunted ‘X-Pand’ technology, the CP040 provides excellent audio quality with every message, so there’s no real loss in sound quality (unless you obsessively compare the CP040 with the really high-end models and we aren’t going to do that here).

In terms of use, the CP040 is easy and efficient, operating with the usual dependability that we’ve come to expect from Motorola radios.

The belt clip (an optional extra) holds the radio in well and everything is generally sturdy and nicely made.

The CP040 may be lacking some of the more fancy features and extras that some of its peers can boast about, but as a standard, basic two-way radio, it is incredibly difficult to find fault with it.


The CP040 has been designed with mid level business use in mind, yes, it lacks the ‘boys own adventure’ ruggedness of Motorola’s outdoor models or the discreet, professional modernity of their urban, security orientated range, but it makes up for this in spades with a solid, reliable performance that won’t break the bank.

Perhaps it’s not the best product of its kind that the market can offer, but it is a very long way from being the worst and, in addition, it genuinely offers excellent value for money.

Customers may want something a little bit tougher and more overtly safety-conscious for use on building sites or battlegrounds. Perhaps they’ll also want something a little more slender and/or trendy for customer interaction, but otherwise, the CP040 suits its design-niche perfectly.

This is a great little device for basic business radio use and it’s hard to imagine it letting anybody down. Strong, reliable and high performance, the CP040 combines a thoroughly satisfying user experience with a pleasantly manageable price tag to create a wholly likeable (not to mention highly recommendable) product.

For more information on the Motorola Cp040 radio visit www.2wayradionline.co.uk